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In 2015, I ( Jared Thompson) had a Music-Video shot for myself in New York by Alex Kouvatsos of “Black Wolf Imaging”. I uploaded the video to Facebook, and my friends back home were fascinated with what was considered "unseen" quality of Video at the time. With a few thousand saved from working in the Oil Fields of Midland/Odessa, Texas, I called Alex and asked for a list of the equipment he used to produce the quality of my video. He sent the list.

My child-hood friend and former business partner Cody Berry & I agreed on the name 100,000 ARTS over a phone-call.


With High-Quality camera equipement, and a lack of exposure for artist in Daytona, I was determined to contribute to shining light on talent as well as Daytona Beach.

My partner Cody Berry shot his 1st music video with Shake Back A.K.A. Skeebo in early 2016. My first Video was with rap artist Lil Wavy in 2016 as well..


 (Credits: Sticks, Dre Neal, Rod Butts, M.G. Cue, W.A.G.E. ENT, SOUP N WIGG, Bossman Jizzle, Big Steve)

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salt life movie pic.jpg


Starring Juan Doe & Tokyo Jetz

In 2018 I was contacted by a man named Juan Doe inquiring the cost to shoot a Movie. Though it was unfamiliar territory, Juan stated he was familiar with my work, and sure he wanted us to produce it. Alongside my new partner Jodeci DevinchyWe negotiated a price for the film, introducing us to "Film Production".

Following a premiere at  The Cobb Theater at Daytona  1, "Salt Life" was then released on Youtube where it would generate over 3,000,000 Views within the year. Unfortunately it was removed due to legal issues within the Title.

Salt Life is now reuploaded under "The Salt Full Movie Hood Movie".

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The Other Side of The Bridge

Dec. 15th 2019 Jodeci Devinchy and I premiered "Daytona Beach: The Other Side of the Bridge", a raw and uncut documentary of the city through the eyes of the local, lower-class residents at The Cobb Theater.

It's controversial & political stance landed several tabloid appearances from Daytona Beach News Journal, Daytona TymesWNDB 93.5 , WKMG Channel 6 News, and more.

" Daytona Beach: The other Side of the Bridge" is now available on Youtube.

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Currently in production of "Wish", my first written and directed feature-film. Wish is projected to be completed by 2025.

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